Here at bo-mar, we offer a variety of welding techniques, including spot and stick welding, TIG and MIG welding. But when it comes to welding, technique is just part of the equation. It’s really about people. To illustrate my point, consider this:[p]

1. Welding is still old school

Metal fabrication has become a high-tech business. Many of the tools we use these days (especially the waterjet cutters, laser cutters, and press brakes) are big and expensive and computer-driven.[p]

Welding is different. It’s still old school. It can’t be done with computers, machinery, or technology. It’s still done by people. Really skilled, artistic people.[p]

When you watch a welder at work, it’s like a dance. There’s a flow of movement, with alternating heating and cooling at just the right moment. No computer can ever replicate that.[p]

Want to see what I’m talking about in person? Schedule a shop tour[p]

2. Welders are judgmental types

Welders are a lot like chefs. They enjoy checking out other people’s work – and they’re not afraid to tell you what they think about it![p]

For example, I can look at someone else’s work and can instantly tell you:[p]

  • Whether they are experienced or inexperienced
  • How they’ve been trained
  • What they know and don’t know[p]

In fact, 90% of the people who perform a welding test when applying for a job at bo-mar do not qualify. We’re not being jerks. We just have high expectations!  [p]

3. A good weld is worth showing off

A lot of times, people treat welding as something that should not be seen. The truth is, when you combine an experienced welder with the right techniques, your weld could be worth showing off. You can weld in such a way that it contributes to the look and feel. It becomes an integral part of the project – not something you hide.[p]

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