“We expect the highest levels of craftsmanship to be applied to our projects.  bo-mar is one of those firms that excites us when we have an opportunity to recommend their services.  They continue to bring our projects to life with exceptional work that we are proud to stand beside.”

Greg Wade, PLA, CPSI, CLARB Principal at Context Design

bo-mar is First Class!

“The bo-mar team is one that we look to for assistance in bringing our creative, unique and challenging ideas to life.  They are a trusted partner that truly lives their motto of “intention to detail” in everything that they produce.  In addition to figuring out how to design and build things with them, they almost always teach me something I didn’t know which makes the relationship and partnership that much more fulfilling!”

Drew Braley, PLA, ASLA Browning Day

“Our landscape architecture studio has worked closely with the bo-mar team on a variety of projects over the years. We have found they are attentive, creative, experts in the field, and always have the best interest of the project in mind.”

Catherine Puckett Landscape Architect at HWC Engineering

“Bo-mar has become much more than simply a metal fabricator for us. They are truly a trusted resource that we count on for insights and execution.”

Ken Boyce Ratio Architects

If you can dream it, bo-mar can design it

“The team at bo-mar consistently strives to exceed my every expectation. They are truly a customer service focused company. Their attention to detail and a desire to provide cutting edge design that really is exceptional. From concept to creation, if you can dream it, bo-mar can design it. They really are craftsman.”

Dan Hittenger Welch ATM

Bo-mar exceeded my expectations

“This project has gone even better than expected. I was very concerned from the outset about the ceiling modules and the risk (dollars) involved. As we moved thru the process ….. bo-mar exceeded my expectations and the concern quickly faded. The coordination between bo-mar and Lithonia for delivery to site has also been amazing.”

Rich Prince LightSource

Perfection, ingenious, solid reliability

“Perfection, ingenious, solid reliability… I never felt more confident being in the hands of Bo-Mar Industries, Inc. My lengthy, three year, search for a manufacturer to make my prototype ended the moment I shared my sketches with Bob Buchanan, President. He embraced the project, voiced design solutions and transformed my dream to reality. When people see my jewelry showcase, the first thing they say is “Who made this?” When they see it and touch it, they just have to know who the master is behind it. And I proudly say, “bo-mar Industries, Inc.” I know it takes a team, and I know it takes a leader, and they have it all!”

Nancy Larsh ADORA, INC.

Great experience in our product development

“I am writing to give some insight into the expertise and capabilities of bo-mar Industries. My brother and I own a metal fabrication operation in Marion, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky and have known Bob Buchanan and his team for many years. We share work back and forth from time to time and keep in regular contact. Our main partnership work with bo-mar was in relation to a product we developed and took to the market. The product name is Yellow Jacket, and it is a revolutionary orbital stretch wrap machine. We developed the concept and took it to bo-mar and Bob Buchanan for design and implementation. Bob and his team took our rough sketches and developed a design that was sleek, marketable and functional. bo-mar developed and built prototypes, ran cycle testing, and worked with us to finalize a design that was ready to take to market. Their professionalism and expertise were tremendous. They were always very open to input from our group but came up with final design parameters and made a great product. Once the design was finalized bo-mar created the technical operations manuals, maintenance manuals, all decals for safety and operation and presented us with a complete product ready to sell. We developed several different models of the Yellow Jacket and bo-mar was instrumental in all phases from mechanical to electrical design and installation to shipping container. Once the prototyping and final approval was complete, bo-mar did all the production manufacturing under a contract manufacturing agreement. It is very hard to find a group with design expertise in all areas and the ability to produce for production as well. We had a great experience in our product development and production with Bob and the bo-mar team and would highly recommend them.”

Ed Wiley Wiley Metal

bo-mar made this possible

“Sometimes you cannot find the perfect fixture for a project in a catalog. The only way to get exactly what is needed is to design it yourself. Bo-mar made this possible. On our project I shared with bo-mar a design sketch of a fixture appropriate for the space. Bo-mar offered input on how it could be built, appropriate materials, finish possibilities and all within the budget. We worked with a lighting specialist to specify the appropriate lamps needed and how to incorporate them into the fixture design. Collaboration between all three parties, designer, engineer and lighting expert equaled a beautiful success story for our project.”

Melissa Davis Maregatti Interiors

bo-mar Industries and Aussie Imports

“Bo-mar Industries and Aussie Imports entered an agreement 4 years ago. This agreement required bo-mar to “re-engineer” drawings that used metric material stock so we could manufacture our products with stock available in the USA. Bo-mar also found several design changes that we could make that would allow them to manufacture our products cheaper. This allowed us to lower the price of our products making larger gains on our competition. I can highly recommend the engineering and manufacturing services of bo-mar Industries as well as the integrity of their staff.”

Steve Nichols Aussie Imports, LLC

The staff at bo-mar

“The staff at bo-mar is passionate about quality and doing it right.”

Kalevi Huotilainen BSA Life Structures

Solutions that exceeded the customer’s vision

“We wanted to express our appreciation to bo-mar for their personal participation in the Bridgestone project review. Our customer was very excited with the results of bo-mar ‘s contributions in developing this showroom fixture program. Your guidance with the design engineering on these complex units resulted in solutions that exceeded the customer’s vision. Pratt was able to work collaborative with your design and manufacturing staff to take our concepts from design intent sketches to fully functional prototypes. The final product was executed with true “showroom” quality with fit, finish and function that delighted our customer. Thanks bo-mar, for a great product presentation. We look forward to our continued partnership successes.”

Steve Stiffler Pratt Corporation

Bo-mar provides products of the highest quality

“Bo-mar has consistently provided products of the highest quality, while contributing creative design input, and remained very attentive to budget and schedule constraints.”

David Simpson C.M. Buck and Associates, Inc.

From our clients

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bo-mar made this possible “Sometimes you cannot find the perfect fixture for a project in a catalog. The only way to get exactly what is needed is to design it yourself. Bo-mar made this possible. On our project I shared with bo-mar a design sketch of a fixture appropriate for the space. Bo-mar offered input […]

Melissa Davis Maregatti Interiors