• This 10-foot-tall art piece at the north end of Mackey Arena is intended to be a gathering place for students. The concept behind it was “the energy behind ideas.” The original pencil sketch envisioned a boiler with rivets exploding. We modified the design slightly and also adjusted the scale so that there wouldn’t be sharp points at head level!
  • To roll the metal, we bought a tool called an “English Wheel.” We were trained by the man who designed it, and we’re now experts at creating unique shapes with this tool. The piece was designed and built using “Corten,” which gives it a unique weathered look. The nice thing about this material is that it rusts, but it doesn’t rust through.
  • Finally, we added LED lights that give the base the look of molten metal. The lights flicker like a fire. Thinking about the future, we made sure the lights would be easily serviced via a removable panel underneath.

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Bo-mar exceeded my expectations “This project has gone even better than expected. I was very concerned from the outset about the ceiling modules and the risk (dollars) involved. As we moved thru the process ….. bo-mar exceeded my expectations and the concern quickly faded. The coordination between bo-mar and Lithonia for delivery to site has […]

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