• Standing 30’ tall and 12’ wide, Beacon Bloom is situated in the center of a roundabout in Carmel, IN “signaling the presence of the roundabout with a welcoming expression of hope and growth,” says artist Arlon Bayliss.
  • Arlon approached bo-mar early in his process with conceptual drawings.  bo-mar’s fabricators and engineers worked directly with the artist to develop his concept into a buildable piece of art with realistic scheduling and budgetary information.
  • Florets were created and preassembled into clusters in bo-mar’s shop, complete with electrical wiring.  The dichroic glass was cut on our waterjet to maximize yield and installed into each floret by bo-mar’s talented assembly department before being crated for transport to site.  Once onsite, bo-mar’s field team finished out the project with full installation of the sculpture.
  • Each metal stem is comprised of 16 clusters, each containing 16 florets.  Each floret contains an LED light covered in dichroic glass, subtly changing the color of each white LED.

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Solutions that exceeded the customer’s vision “We wanted to express our appreciation to bo-mar for their personal participation in the Bridgestone project review. Our customer was very excited with the results of bo-mar ‘s contributions in developing this showroom fixture program. Your guidance with the design engineering on these complex units resulted in solutions that […]

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