Here at bo-mar industries, we’re well equipped with just about any machine you’ll need to complete your fabrication job.  For those of you looking to have parts cut out, we have four laser cutters and two waterjets to meet your needs!  You may be asking yourself which cutting method is right for your project.  Let us explain a little bit about laser cutting vs. waterjet cutting.  As you may gather from the name, laser cutters operate using a high-powered laser beam to cut through material.  While the laser is more precise and generally cheaper to run, it doesn’t cut all components, as thinner metals work best.  Because the laser beam gets very hot, parts can sometimes become distorted along the edges.  Unlike a laser cutter, the waterjet produces a high-pressure stream of water in order to cut.  This stream of water doesn’t generate any heat, therefore a part’s edges will be much smoother with no risk of distortion.  While not as precise, waterjets are more versatile in the types of material they’ll cut, from metals to rubber to plastic to glass.  Not only can waterjets cut materials up to six inches thick, they can also cut at an angle for added edges!  If you still have questions about which method is best for your project, give us a call!  We’ll discuss your options and set you on track.