Every once in a while, someone points out the “typo” on our website. Have you noticed it? Have you wondered if we really meant to say “attention” to detail? Well, it’s about time that I explain why the word “intention” is intentional.

Several years back I was talking with a friend who works in advertising. At about the same time, we were updating the bo-mar logo, so we got to talking about what would represent us best. We talked about the tools we use and the company history and all that. Then he asked what makes us different from other metal fabrication companies. I mentioned a few things.

First, I talked about how metal fabrication is an art. It’s not just about machines and software. It’s about the skill it takes to bend a

We believe in our tagline so much we put it on our team member shirts.

perfect curve or weld in such a way that you want the weld to show.

Next I mentioned that we are extremely precise about every facet of a project, especially when it comes to tolerance. I’m always going around the shop talking about plus or minus zero.

At that point my friend jotted this down on a piece of paper: “attention to detail.”

But then I told him there’s another thing about us that I think is even more unique for our industry. We don’t just take an order and push it out. If there’s something we could do to make the piece more durable or reliable or efficient to produce, we’ll tell you. And we’re not just looking at the production side of things. We also consider how your piece will work down the road, from delivery to installation to how it will change if it’s exposed to weather. That’s why we built those 12-foot Second Presbyterian Church light fixtures in pieces so they’d fit through the much narrower doors, and why our retail store displays are made for easy packing, shipping and assembly in store. That’s the problem-solving I really enjoy – especially when it leads to a better product or a happier client.

Anyway, after I went through all that, he asked, “so you’re really intentional about what you do?”
“Yes!” I responded. “That’s the word!”

And that, dear readers, is how we came up with the tagline “intention to detail”! I probably should have posted this blog a long time ago just to clear it up. I’m obsessed with avoiding errors so I wouldn’t want anyone to think we made one! But on the other hand, that statement sums up what bo-mar is all about so perfectly that I just can’t imagine changing it.

So the next time you see this typo, you know it wasn’t a typo at all:

As always, thanks for reading the blog. ‘til next time …