Tips for working with an out-of-state metal fabricator

After I posted a blog last year about why it can be difficult – and potentially risky – to have your metal part or product made overseas, a few people asked me if some of those risks of off-shore manufacturing would rule out an out-of-state fabricator too. That’s a valid question. In some cases – […]

What is Design Assist?

Over decades of working with creative people (especially interior designers, landscape designers, architects and artists), we’ve realized that there’s one point in every project when collaboration with a fabricator makes a world of difference. It’s the point where you have a great concept, but you’re not sure exactly how to construct it. What materials will […]

The true cost of offshore contract manufacturing

I’m usually a pretty positive person, but this week I’m going to talk about something that really makes me mad. On the manufacturing side of our business, we work with people who put their heart and soul (and in many cases a lot of money) into creating a product only to see it fail because […]

A small part makes a big difference at one of Indy’s most famous facilities

Between the Olympic trials last summer and the outstanding performance of Indiana’s swimmers in Rio, there’s been a lot of attention this past year on the newly renovated Natatorium at IUPUI. In case you don’t know, the country’s largest indoor pool is located right here in Indianapolis. After 30+ years in use, the facility is […]

Video blog: How metal, glass, and LED lighting made a campfire come to life

Lately we’ve been working on a lot of projects where metal fabrication is integrated with technology. For instance, you may have noticed those massive globes you see on Indy’s west side (as you drive in to the International Marketplace area) have bright, colorful lights inside. Those are remote controlled LEDs that can be changed with […]

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bo-mar made this possible “Sometimes you cannot find the perfect fixture for a project in a catalog. The only way to get exactly what is needed is to design it yourself. Bo-mar made this possible. On our project I shared with bo-mar a design sketch of a fixture appropriate for the space. Bo-mar offered input […]

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