Our commitment to quality management

My late father had a lot of favorite sayings, but one I remember him using often was this: “That wasn’t a mistake. It was a learning experience.” That’s wise advice that I carry with me every day. Even at a place like bo-mar Industries, where we aim for “plus or minus 0” tolerances, sometimes things […]

Reflections on 25 years in business

This year bo-mar Industries is celebrating 25 years in business. (Learn more about our history here.) A lot of people start businesses with good intentions but have a hard time making it 2 years, nonetheless 20 or more. That’s why lots of people ask me and Mark how we did it. How did we not […]

Welding 101

Here at bo-mar, we offer a variety of welding techniques–MIG welding, TIG welding, and spot welding.  What does that mean exactly? Sure, you could always Google this information, but allow us to save you time.   MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is the welding process in which an electric arc forms between a consumable wire […]

Creating a Prototype

One thing bo-mar really excels at is creating prototypes.  When a customer gives us requests for what their project needs, our team works together to get the job done quickly. Many times we start our prototype by cutting out a cardboard model to test the functionality. This step saves us material and money as we […]

Laser vs. Waterjet

Here at bo-mar industries, we’re well equipped with just about any machine you’ll need to complete your fabrication job.  For those of you looking to have parts cut out, we have four laser cutters and two waterjets to meet your needs!  You may be asking yourself which cutting method is right for your project.  Let […]

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From our clients

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“Our landscape architecture studio has worked closely with the bo-mar team on a variety of projects over the years. We have found they are attentive, creative, experts in the field, and always have the best interest of the project in mind.”

Catherine Puckett Landscape Architect at HWC Engineering