When talking about some of our bigger, more recent projects, I’ve been asked many times who installed it for us.  The answer is – US!  As our project scope has increased on architectural projects, so has our ability to see it through from start to finish.

As we always have, bo-mar projects are fabricated in our shop.  From 3D mechanical drawings through final assembly, bo-mar has the ability to self-perform almost all the processes that go into making everything from mechanical parts and pieces to complex assemblies or even public art sculptures.  Now, we are also able to install them.


Our installation crew is a dedicated team of project installers.  Our install supervisors work closely with our engineers and fabrication team on field measurements, general conditions of the jobsite, and installation schedules.  Our install supervisors fulfill all jobsite safety requirements, are responsible for our onsite crew, and coordinating schedules with GCs and other subs.  Within bo-mar, we coordinate project transport, tools and machinery required, and our crew’s arrival on the jobsite, on-time and within our installation budget.  All over the country, our install crews can handle it!



To date, we’ve installed not only in Central Indiana, but also on jobsites over 1,000 miles away.  Our install guys work through the blazing Texas heat and the blustery New York cold.  Don’t get us wrong – they also haven’t minded having their toes in the sand on Miami’s South Beach during some of their down-time.



While we’re always able to fabricate and ship to site for you, we wanted to bring to your attention this additional service we’re able to offer.  It may help you increase your project scope, reduce your on-site supervision, or relieve your worry about who will install it.  Any way you choose, know that bo-mar has the project’s best interest at heart.  You can count on our Intention to Detail from concept to installation!

Until next time,